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Moss and Myrtle

Hoya Obovata #4

Hoya Obovata #4

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The beautiful Hoya Obovata is a super easy care, low maintenance plant that is fast growing. Happiest in free draining soil. Place in a position that receives bright indirect light. The Obovatas super thick leaves mean they typically hold more water, this means they can go for longer periods of time without watering, but be mindful of not leaving them for extended periods of time without water. The Obovata is considered an epiphyte, so although it will grow hanging in a pot, it's happiest climbing along some kind of support. It's important to note that the small developing leaves, when bumped, can easily disfigure their signature roundness. Be mindful until the leaves have matured and hardened off.


Considered non toxic to humans and pets

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